MUST WATCH: Afia Schwarzenegger to expose female celebrities who buy Makeup on credit

Afia Schwarzenegger is back in the news again and this time, she has descended on some celebrities she calls “Slayers On Credit Celebrities Association” — asking them to pay for makeup they bought on credit.

According to the controversial comedian, some female celebrities in Ghana purchase makeup and other accessories on credit before they come out in style to impress.

To her, it is a shame for celebrities to buy on credit in order to show off to the world and that Ghanaian celebrities make stardom so shameful with these acts of buying on credit.

Afia who for some time now have been in South Africa warned that she will go public today with the names of celebrities who have bought makeup on credit if they refuse to pay for things that they owe.

“By the close of today you will know the names of the so-called celebrities that bought clothes on credit,makeup on credit and how much they owe in the name of slaying on red carpets and how they shamelessly refuse to answer their calls just becos of 500ghc,800ghc etc……Yes some of them haven’t paid their makeups and clothes since glitz awards.I tot Red carpets were for talents not slayers and in this case Wannabes. My dear brown skin girl;please if u want to buy anything on credit it shouldn’t be makeup…..Eish what happened to common sense??? Big Big grammar on credit…no shame,putting the youth In so much pressure…..Making them think it’s all glitter out there…shame on you all…eeewwwwwww!!!!”

A video posted by đź‘‘Afia Schwarzenegger đź‘‘ (@afiaschwarzenegger) on Nov 9, 2016 at 10:29am PST

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