How facebook users reacted to missing ballot boxes will tell you this year’s election is no joke

Ballot Box

Yesterday, it was reported that six out of forty four Presidential ballot boxes were missing after they fell off from the pickup truck which was transporting them to the Western region ahead of this year’s elections.

The electoral commission came out to allay fears of Ghanaians that it was going to replace the ballot boxes because they fell and cannot be retrieved.

The commission wrote on Facebook

“For the 6 empty ballot boxes that fell off the pick up truck to the Western Region, a report has been made to the police. They will be replaced by the Commission before election day.”

However, Ghanaian Facebook users seem not to buy the idea that they were going to replace the ballot boxes and have called on the EC to produce those missing ballot boxes with some thinking the EC is too sloppy.

See comments of people on the issue here

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