Here is why funerals in Kumasi are UNIQUE


It is no news that in Ashanti Region, funerals are taking very serious — I mean very very serious and serves as a period where there is intense mourning, funfair and hookups all happening at the same time. 

Unlike other places where funerals are seen as just a right of passage hence not given that needed attention, Kumasi never slacks with their funerals. Funerals are ‘celebrated’ as if the celebrations could resurrect the dead individual.

Well, if you have not taken notice, I will walk you through some unique things that will inform you that the funeral you are attending is a Kumasi funeral.

1. Uniformity in colours

Uniformity in colours

Funerals in other parts of Ghana do not really place much emphasis on colour uniformity. However, in Kumasi, I mean the Asante region much emphasis is placed on the colours to be used at a funeral. Dresses worn on the day of the funeral match with colours for decorating the venue and even the canopies used for the funeral. If the colours are not uniform then I bet you are not at a Kumasi funeral.

2. Show of pomp

Show of pomp

‘Kumasi fo) p3 nhw3’ meaning people from Kumasi will always want to do things that people will realize their presence. The chains hung around their necks and the expensive cloth and ahinema (slippers) to show you how serious the funeral is to them. They splash money on people who dance in the course of the funeral to show they are the ish. Masa if you don’t see such show of pomp and wealth then you are in a Cape Coast funeral.

3. Rented Mourners

Rented Mourners

It is only during Asante funeral where people who know nothing about the funeral are hired to come and mourn to make the funeral a lively one. Funny enough, these people mourn without a drop of a tear falling from their eyes. As they mourn, they stop intermittently to ask organizers whether their food has been kept safe for them. Men, don’t you love funerals in Kumasi?

4. Culture features Prominently

Culture features Prominently

During funerals in Asante Region, the elements of their culture is never left out. Rival Kete groups feature. They with their sweaty half-naked muscle drummer feature and always want to out drum the other drummers.

5. The Men always hookup 

The Men always hookup

As for this, I think it happens in all funerals. You know with the kind of show of pomp, people especially ‘area girls’ get clad in their best funeral outfits with the hope of getting hooked to some of these men around. Hmm if you are a kid around remember you will be sent to get lady sitting at the back there.

Dont you love Kumasi and the touch of class they add to whatever they do? if you think there is more, keep the conversation going!!!

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