Forever Young: Beautiful Aurelia Dennis talks about skincare

Aurelia Dennis

Do you remember that beautiful lady who reconnected with her first boyfriend through her daughter in that funny Vodafone Internet package advert? I am talking about that fair lady who speaks in an American accent.
Aurelia Dennis
If you didn’t know her, then let me introduce her to you. She’s called Aurelia Dennis – the Manager of Jamila Saloon located at Dome in Accra.
Due to her exceptional and pretty skin, a lot of young and old Ghanaian ladies look up to her. Her knowledge in skincare is broad and that is the reason why she joined one of the world’s fast-growing beauty products companies, Jeunesse.
Aurelia Dennis
Speaking at a workshop organised by Jeunesse on October 30, she asserted that our skin is all we have and it’s our passport. She also disclosed that we shed a lot of skin thus we must try and take good care of it.
“We shed skin, we shed so much skin during the day. You get to get rid of the dead skin,” Aurelia said adding that “Your dead skin piles up so you have to get rid of it but cleaning or bathing often.”
She continued “Nobody knows us. Nobody knows who you are. This (the skin) is what we have – this is our passport. We must take of our body. We must age gracefully.”
Aurelia Dennis

Aurelia added that Jeunesse products are the best to help exfoliate. “We have to exfoliate with these products.” She concluded.
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