Facebook users just heard Woyome sued his Church for Tithe refund and they are shocked

Alfred Woyome

Lawyer Ace Ankomah has revealed why Woyome says he is tormenting his life.

In a facebook post, the Lawyer revealed that he was the Lawyer for a Church where Woyome was a Deacon but sued that Church to return his tithe and other donations . The Lawyer mentioned that Woyome lost the case against the Church hence the reason why he says he is tormenting his life.

He posted “So several of you have me asked why Woyome says that I have been tormenting him for several years. SIMPLE ANSWER: After failing to seize control of a church of which he was a ‘Deacon’, he sued the church and pastor, demanding a refund of his tithes, offerings and donations, claiming they were loans. It was probably his first “JUDGMENT DEBT” attempt”.

Well, after the lawyer revealed this, Facebook users could not hide their surprise at how a Deacon could sue his Church to take back his tithe and other donations.

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