Facebook users cannot hide their joy as court rules for Martin Amidu to cross-examine Woyome

Martin Amidu

There have been several back and forth in retrieving judgment debt amounting to GHC51.2 million paid to Woyome by the Government of Ghana.

However, Citizen Vigilante, Martin Amidu has for the past weeks been in court to fight for the opportunity to cross-examine him but regardless of the fact that the state is working on retrieving the monies wrongfully paid to him, the state was against the idea of Mr.Amidu cross-examining Woyome.

Well, today, the Supreme court rules and the ruling gave Martin Amidu the opportunity to cross-examine Woyome in court on November 24.

When the news broke, social media users in Ghana could not hide their joy because to them, the country now has the opportunity to know more about the money which unearthed the vocabulary, “Gargantuan” and caused some members of the biggest opposition to become musicians overnight.

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