Edem sets twitter on fire; says being an ewe in the Ghana music industry is frustrating


Edem is one artiste who does well to speak his mind mostly through his twitter account. He tackles various issues he thinks will be of national or industry concern.

Today, the ‘Nyedzilo’ hit-maker took on the music industry in general, talking about how some event promoters abroad take some musicians for granted and how some artistes in the industry are hypocrites who will do everything to get you on a song when your career is booming but will shun you when your career is on the verge of dying out.

The entertainer mentioned that some industry players shun the idea that an act is promoting his region and will do anything and everything to close doors of opportunities to them.

The tweets by the artiste affirms what Shatta Wale has always said, that the music industry is full of People who do not want the good of everyone.

See the tweets he posted

Well, he also had something to tell music people using their offices to spend the monies of hardworking artistes.

Edem had the backing of some music and entertainment loving fans on twitter who thought that it is long overdue and that they must act to do away with the hypocrisy in the industry.

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