‘Dubai’ In Ghana: Twitter divides on Circle Interchange as NDC claims it has brought ‘Dubai’ to Ghana

Circle Interchange

Kwame Nkrumah Circle interchange was opened to vehicular and pedestrian traffic yesterday.

Speaking at the opening, President Mahama mentioned that the interchange will create over 1,000 jobs to help improve the lives of Ghanaians.

Members of the governing National Democratic Congress say they have brought ‘Dubai’ to Ghana because of the beauty of the edifice when it lights up in the evening.

Well on social media, there is divided opinions on the project because some think every government builds infrastructure and that the noise made about a simple interchange makes us backwards as a country whiles others think it is right to make noise about it.

These are tweets from people who think the circle interchange has brought ‘Dubai’ to Ghana

Well, some also think that we are being Myopic if the circle interchange is compared to ‘Dubai’ and United Kingdom

So in the midst of all these division on whether the governing NDC had brought ‘Dubai’ to Ghana, some tweeps were also thinking of the social impact of the interchange on life at circle.

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