#Becauseofvotes: Pounding fufu and stirring banku,Twitter is having a field day on what Ghanaian politicians do for votes

Accra Mayor

Twitter and I mean social media, in general, has created a platform for individuals who hitherto would not have been provided with the opportunity to express their views, now have the opportunity to tell the world their opinions on issues known.

As Ghana approaches the day for the general elections, there have been several things that Politicians have done that on a normal day they won’t do.

Ghanaian Politicians will always want to be treated like Masters while their constituents and the citizens are treated as their slaves. However, the tides turn during elections as they engage in the most menial and ‘unthinkables’ just for votes.

Well, tweeps got talking about what politicians will do for votes and what tweeps had to say will just shock you.

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