10 Ghanaians who should be in the Guinness World Records

Guinness World Record is a reference book published annually, listing world records and national records, both of human achievements and the extremes of the natural world. The book itself holds a world record, as the best-selling copyrighted book of all time.

Well, today, ghanafuo.com brings to you Ghanaians who should make it into bestselling book, Guinness World Record and why they have to make it into the list.

1. Shatta Wale 

Shatta Wale

The African Dancehall king performed magic last year when although just a few of his songs were a hit, he worked at releasing almost one hundred songs. Even in this year which is his cocoa season, the artiste is not resting, he has released several songs counting to over forty songs. Funny enough, in Ghana, artistes whose songs have not been played on air before expect to be an instant hit after releasing just one song. Big ups to Shatta for making the list.

2. Akua Attaa Kyeiwaa (Rose Mensah)

Akua Attaa Kyeiwaa

Well, the Kumawood star upon several consultations also made it to our list. Kyeiwaa set a record for being the celebrity to have got divorced after four days after marriage. Kyeiwaa at a well-attended event got married to one Mr. Daniel aka America Man but got divorced four days after the marriage. This was because Kyeiwaa got wind of the fact that her ‘love’ was married but tricked his wife that his marriage to her (Kyeiwaa) was a movie. Achieving this feat cannot be overlooked and hence should be acknowledged in the Guinness World Record.

3 Wisa Greid/Wanlov Kubolor

Wisa Greid/Wanlov Kubolor

These two did what Napoleon could not do.  Wisa, a young and gradually upcoming music star was overwhelmed by the crowd he saw at ‘December to Remember’ show which was probably his first ever big event and had to give patrons ‘a December to Remember’. He displayed his ‘small cork’ on stage to the amazement of all who were present. Wanlov, on the other hand, was on live TV for an interview when he showed the world his ‘piece dick’. Even if the act should be condemned, their corks are worth celebrating as the tiniest dick the country has ever seen.

4. Rev. Obinim

Rev. Obinim

The list cannot be complete if the high most Bishop Doctor Obinim does not make it here. He is the only Ghanaian who can turn into wild animals including tiger and snakes of all kinds. Obinim has the power to even change election results and also visit people in their dreams to help them with their financial problems. Who could make it on the Guinness World Record than him? Obinim is the surest bet for Guinness Book of Records.

5. Lord Paper

Lord Paper

Oh, I was about to forget this genius. Well, I guess his act didn’t really stick into our minds but hey! he is a history maker. This dude shot a porn in the name of music video and showed Ghanaians that in order to get to the limelight, one had to take the hard decisions. His ‘pono’ music video should on any day make it to Guinness World Record.

6. Ataa Takyi

Ataa Takyi

Rape is a canker which needs to be fought through all possible means and there is no person than Ataa Takyi who knows how best to fight it. The Youth Employment personnel with the Fire Service in Tachiman bit the penis of her boss who had wanted to rape her and surely deserves to be given a space in the Guinness Book of Record for taking that brave step in fighting rape.

7. Bukom Banku

Bukom Banku

Ex-boxer, Bukom Banku should make it to the Guinness book of record. Certainly! Yes, he is the Ghanaian boxer who has never been beaten on his own soil but a fascinating thing about him is that, hmm he bleached every part of his body including his gum because his wife advised him to. Is this not worth to be in the Guinness book of records?

8. Akua Donkor

Akua Donkor

 Herh this woman should make it to the Guinness Book of Record. Any political party big or small is optimistic of going into an election and winning. However, in her case, she was going into the election to become second. Been the only Ghanaian who excuses herself when she is talking on the radio to visit the washroom before she comes back to continue, she should surely make it into the Guinness book of records.

9. Mrs Patricia Asante a.k.a. Yaa Asante (Akua Donkor’s Vice)

Mrs Patricia Asante a.k.a. Yaa Asante

In Ghana’s constitution, the stipulated years to qualify individuals to file as a Running Mate for presidency is forty years and over. However, she set the record as the youngest but most ambitious Ghanaian who filed as a Running Mate for the Ghana Freedom Party. Yaa Asante indicated that she was born on October 15, 1998, making her daughter if she has one older than her. Well, such a record should certainly be in the Guinness Book of Records as the Youngest Running Mate Ever.

10. Khamil Abu Wemah

Khamil Abu Wemah

This is the name behind the Tamale sex tape which became the center of discussion in Ghana. This guy single handedly slept with over fifty women and shot short videos and photos of himself and them having sexual intercourse. Khamil shook the very fabric of the Northern part of Ghana with this act of his. I mean for a man to map out such a diabolic strategy and get over 50 girls into bed is not an easy feat and a mention in the Guinness World Record won’t be bad. Funny enough, after doing all these, he was also taking government salary without working.

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