These photos totally prove there is no bad blood between Nana Addo and Mahama

Whiles the 2017 general elections is drawing near and campaigns are going on here and there as political parties go up against each other, the pressure between these political parties keeps mounting, especially between the two leading parties, NPP and NDC.

One must therefore think leaders of these two political parties, Nana Adoo and John Mahama are sworn enemies but these lovely photos of them prove that they are the best of friends.

So before you go fighting you neighbour, friend or family member because of your political differences, know that the people you are both fighting for got love for each other.

1. They definitely tease each other about the mistakes in their manifestos

2. And even laugh about silly things

3. Even in bad times they stick up for each other

4. All the time

5. And when Nana wears kente Mahama laughs at him

6. There is definitely love between them

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