The class of 1998 – 2004 artistes are more talented than the current class

Pappy Kojo and Obrafour

A friend of mine on Facebook, Abdul Aziz Musah, who is also a social media commentator has shared an opinion that we think would be a good read to you. 

In an era where Ghanaian artistes are travelling abroad and making Ghana proud with their artistic contents, Aziz thinks otherwise.

Here is what he shared with his friends on Facebook (unscripted):

I think the Class of 98 – 2004 artistes are more talented than the current class of artistes we have in Ghana.

listening to the songs that were released between 1998 to 2004, I realized most have good composition, good content and great quality despite the limited resources they had then.

I always ask myself, will acts like Wisa, Pappy Kojo, Vybrant Faya, Epixode and the rest survive or make it back then?

This was an era you only have to depend on your work and the few radio stations then to have a hit… No bloggers, no smart phones, No social media, fewer TV channels, yet the likes of Obrafour, Tinny, Tictac, Samini, VVIP, Akyeame,Lord kenya, Obour, Sidney, Akatakyie, Kontihene etc. were able to have a nation wide hit within few days or weeks after release. Remember back then they never had the liberty to release singles, meaning you have to work hard to release a full album.

I remember in 2002 or so when VIP release the AHOMKA WOM album, i took a copy to a village in the North thinking there is no way they will have the album. To my surprise, most of the guys there know most of the songs on the album which am yet to even soak. I keep asking how the past acts get a nationwide hit then with less resources?

Now with smart phones, lots of bloggers, social media and multiple TV stations to air your videos, yet most of our ‘Best’ acts currently can hardly have a nationwide hit. Most of the hits song currently are just within Accra and Kumasi…the furthest is Tadi.

I will always salute Hammer and J.Q. for giving us the best productions to keep the music up there till and also Appeitus.

I think we having lazy and non talented artistes being hyped for nothing whiles the very talented artistes been sidelined cuz they have no controversy to give.

Is time we get back to the days a music producer will not only be in hurry to produce you but will take his time and help you get a good work out there. We don’t wanna have a Yung Thug type of artistes to flood our industry soon.

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