Spontime, the app changing how millennials interact, used in 82 countries after beta-launch


Spontime, an internationally renowned brand new app changing how friends, acquaintances, and members of the public interact, has officially been picked up for widespread usage in 82 countries only one month after it’s beta launch. Crossing off numbers most apps don’t even dream of in their first official launch month, Spontime is the first startup in history that has created a global community of National Representatives from 75 different countries.

Designed to pair friends together for outings, gatherings, meetings, and more without all of the social media and phone time consumption, Spontime is essentially the social media platform that enables users to spend less time on social media.

“Our global team easily came together through our shared passions for bringing real, interpersonal conversation, communication, and friendship back to the forefront of people’s lives,” said Karolina Demianczuk, Founder and President of Spontime. “This app doubles as a way for people to work on their own personal relationships, while also providing an avenue for those traveling to get a message out into the public Spontime sphere for organizing a coffee meet-up or food outing.”

With only two clicks required in the app, no other app allows users to meet other people so quickly and efficiently. “Spontime’s central friendship and connectivity theme is undoubtedly resonating with millions of millennials worldwide who are tired of the tech wall built up around in-person activity and friendship,” said Demianczuk.

Shortly after its beta release, the app has garnered a $3.3 million valuation and significant media attention from Forbes, Huffington Post, Digital Trends, and other international TV and radio shows. Recently, Spontime has entered the partnerships with Google and other international organizations and media outlets to get ready for its official global launch planned this month.

For more information on Spontime, visit: http://www.spontime.co/ .

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