Lydia Forson blocks NY DJ on Twitter, calls him a “murderer”

Lydia Forson blocks NY DJ on Twitter, calls him a “murderer”

There seems to be a bad blood brewing between actress Lydia Forson, and radio personality and blogger, Ebenezer Nana Yaw Donkoh aka NY DJ.

Lydia Forson recently blocked NY on Twitter, and someone noticed, then asked her to unblock him but the actress’s replied, asking the fan if he will open his door to a “murderer”.

Something which definitely didn’t go down well with Nana Yaw, who also seemed surprised by the actress’ allegations levelled against him.

He screenshot the conversation between Lydia and the fan, and shared it on Twitter asking why the actress will label him as a “murder” — something which he finds as “utter disrespect” to his personality, and asked that she apologises for her actions.

See his tweets below.

Lydia also replied to a couple of his tweets and according to her, Ebenezer has done something which he is pretending he knows nothing about. She, however, apologised for using the word “murder”, though she was very sarcastic about it.

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