Celebrity feuds that rocked the entertainment industry in 2016 (So far)

E.L and Sarkodie

Celebrity war and feuds are something that happens in every entertainment industry and Ghanaian industry is no exception. Since the beginning of the year, there has been a number of feuds- especially among musicians, fighting to be bosses and kings of their genres.

In as much as we sometimes don’t like to see them at each other’s throat, the feuds kind of make the industry interesting so you can’t blame us if we enjoy it sometimes. Lol.

So in case you missed it, here are the feuds that have rocked the industry this year.

1. Sarkodie and Manifest

The Boss and the God Mc rap war is one of the wars in the industry that we all enjoyed and looked forward to the continuation. Lol. This feud really did set the rap world on fire and made the industry run wild. I will say it is the hottest beef so far.

2. Shatta Wale and Criss Waddle

We all know how this Waddle -Shatta beef started. It’s all because of this ‘Bie Gya’ song. Waddle even made a video, dragging Shatta through the gutters. I can still remember some of the things he said. Lol. Though Shatta didn’t reply directly, he made visuals for the song to spite Waddle.
The fight even continued to them showing off their women, cars and assets.
Who do you think won the “Bie Gya” fight, though?

3. Kontihene and Bulldog

This two joined the feud chain when Kontihene made claims that he ended the career of Bulldog’s artist, Pappy of 5five fame. That didn’t go down will with  Bulldog and they ended up insulting each other. The feud started on DR. Cann’s show on Happy FM but it didn’t end there, they later continued on social media, sending shots to each other.

4.Shatta Wale and Prodigal

These two got in a feud when Prodigal got pissed off with Shatta for headlining a show during the Salah celebration, the same day their group, VVIP was supposed to host their annual Salah Fest. Prodigal took to social media to throw shots and Shatta replied. You remember what he said right? Lol.

5. Sarkodie and E.L

The two who started the rap war in the first place. It all started when E.L won the best rapper of the year award at the VGMAs and started feeling superior in the rap game. Then Sarkodie decided to remind him who is the boss is by dropping the ‘Bossy’ track. And then things ended in an unexpected way.

6. Kaakie VS MzVee VS AK Songstress
Recently, Kakkie came in hard on MzVee and all the other females artistes who claim to do dancehall music. She thinks they are not any good and can’t be compared to her. Especially Mzvee, who she think is not even close. She threw jabs at them left, right and centre in her song, ‘Sankwas’. But AK Songstress was not ready to let it go down without a fight and released two tracks in respond to Kakkie but well we all know how it ended.

7. Shatta Wale and SaminiThese two have been beefing since the days of Adam and just when we think they’ve given up on the fight and are back to being cool buddies, they just start off a new one. I can’t even seem to keep up on their beef. ‘Papa Twitter’ and ‘Shatta Wawie’. I didn’t say that’s how they call each other. Lol.

8. Rev. Ebenezer Adarkwa Yiadom (Opambuor) and Ohemaa Wuyeje

This is a fight that we didn’t even see coming and it happened when Opambuor got furious at the Adom FM morning show host, Ohemaa Wuyeje, for allowing a man on her show to malign reputation. He sent an audio, throwing punches of insults here and there to the radio host, who also replied back with insults.

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