Agya Koo is clearly a hypocrite…NY DJ explains why

Agya Koo meets Nana

Ghanaian blogger and on-air personality Ebenezer Nana Yaw Donkoh also known as NY DJ has alleged that popular comedian Agya Koo is a hypocrite after an audio leaked today, revealing his love for President Mahama and why he endorsed Nana Addo, the presidential candidate of the New Patriotic Party.

NY DJ wrote (unscripted):

Many have asked why I have been on Agya Koo’s case since he openly declared support for the N.P.P.

My problem with him is not borne out of his affiliation with any political party but the kind of deception and lies he’s been peddling.

In fact, I hate lies and liars. Having a problem with him because of his affiliation will be very undemocratic and suicidal to the laws I believe in and YES, I’m no saint.

I must state that John Dumelo’s public support for Mahama will not convince me to vote him, neither will Agya Koo’s support for Nana convince me but the messages they carry across.

One of the very things Agya Koo stated right after he openly declared support was the fact that he’s not been acting for the past five years because of bad governance.

That was in sharp contrast to assertions he made during a press conference he put together in October 2014 at the Sports Hotel in Kumasi. During this press conference, Agya Koo stated categorically that movie producers in Kumasi had teamed up to kill his career due to their own reasons.

He again mentioned that the movie distributors were also in bed with the producers since the movies he had starred in were not displayed for people to purchase.

How did that change then? Anyway..

Fast forward to the new audio circulating online. It is quite clear some portions of the audio have been left out (edited) for whatever reasons but I am convinced Agya Koo is clearly a hypocrite and none befitting person to convince me to vote for a particular party or candidate.

He indeed doesn’t feel my plight but is rather after his own belly because of the hunger has suffered for the past years.

Don’t be fooled “my Ghana peoples” (In Shatta Wale’s voice). Listen to the policies, ask probing questions. You carry a single vote just as any of the people who have openly declared their support for parties. Some of them are really enjoying their open support. Don’t waste your energies on social media fighting. It’s not worth it.

Do you agree with him? Share your views with us.


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