10 dirty secrets Bibi Bright revealed about Nana Akua Addo


Since yesterday, Bibi Bright and Nana Akua Addo have been trending on social media after the former took to Instagram to insult, curse and reveal some shocking secrets about the latter.

Bibi dragged Nana Akua through the gutters after some secrets of her were revealed by someone she believed was her now ‘enemy’ which got her spilling all of her secrets.

From gossiping to backbiting, confusion to how she pays for her awards, here are 10 dirty secrets Bibi revealed about the “slay queen”.

1. Back stabbing Selly Galley for an award

Bibi revealed that during the glitz awards, convinced Selley Galley not to attend the event, and then sidelined her (Selly) and made sure the organisers took her name out of the list so that she (Nana Akua) would win.

2. Begging to be noticed at the AMMA awards

“….she flew all the way to AMMA awards when she had not been invited, went to beg that they make her present an award which she was planning to intentionally fall on page so the headline the following morning will Be “Ghanaian Actress falls on stage” that’s how desperate she is to be seen”

3. Trying to trap her baby daddy

According to Bibi, Nana Akua took the father of her kids from another woman and though she is not legally or traditionally married to the man, she is planning to trap him by having a son with him. But the man is in London, “chilin with his new woman”

4. Paying for her recent award

Bibi also added that Nana gave them money to go pay for the “Most Stylist Actress in West Africa” award she won recently.

5. Hating on an actor and causing him a movie role

She also stated that Nana Akua got actor Toosweet Annan de-casted for a movie. ” You such a witch that you even hate on@toosweetannan and got him de-casted for a movie”, Bibi wrote.

6. Becca coming after her baby daddy
Songstress, Becca was also included in the revelation as according to Bibi, Nana Akua had said that the singer came after her baby daddy and did everything she can to trap him but the man did not give in to her.

7. Serwaa hating on Berla Mundi

“@serwaa55 do you want me to post what she has said about you? How you hate and envy @berlamundiand spoke bitterly why berla shld get more nominations on glitz and you also deserved Some.. And that you said that Berla isn’t even better than you and she isn’t really your friend… Pls I dont know if you said this oh cs nana Akua said you said them….”, Bibi wrote.

8. Gossiping about Princess Shyngle and Moesha

Bibi revealed that the mother of two, had also gossiped about Princess Shyngle, saying her waist ws fake and that “she did it at weija.” And Moesha Boduong is the “cheapest in our industry and she sleeps around with everyone and never appears in movies? “

9. Bad mouthing Sandra Ankobia and Zynell Zuh to take over the fashion world

Apparently, Nana Akua is competing with Zynell Zuh and Sandra Ankobia so she can take over the fashion world and become a fashionista, and to achieve that, she has made it a point to do more photos shoots and she is also bad mouthing them.

10. Pretending she didn’t know she will win an award at the Glitz Awards

According to Bibi, Nana Akua intentionally wept at the just ended Glitz award when she won an award, pretending she didn’t know she will win “when she knew exactly how the whole thing was going to go”.


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