10 best and hilarious tweets from #WelcomeToKantamanto

10 best and hilarious tweets from #WelcomeToKantamanto

#WelcomeToKantamanto where Micheal Jordan turns into a NaeNae dancer….Walk away after the guy mentions his price and he calls you back for even cheaper #WelcomeToKantamanto…When the kick seller got real good kicks so you take his number 
 #WelcomeToKantamanto — Ghanaian Twitter users have shared yet another hilarious encounter at Kantamanto, one of the busiest cheap markets in Accra.

We have selected 10 best and hilarious tweets for you. You can share yours with us using the comment box below.

1. The soap sellers

2. Cheap price after high negotiation

3. Second hand products are the best

4. Some girls really do this…I can mention one.

5. Even the whites shop there

6. For the newcomers

7. Topman shoes…the one behind Despite stores, I guess. LOL

8.Scorpion polo LOL

9. Polo player finally fell!

10. So many things happening…even Twitter won’t permit users to tell all

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