University student exposes her lecturer on Facebook for…

Judith Juahla

Judith Juahla, a Mechanical Engineering student at the University of Nairobi, has put her lecturer on a blast on Facebook for not fulfilling his part of an agreement they had before sexual intercourse.

According to Judith, the lecturer promised to give her grade ‘A’ in her exams after the intercouse but rather gave her ‘E’. She fumed after seeing her results, thus, she took him on on Facebook and exposed the act.

She wrote (Unscripted): “Some lecturers deserve to die. They fuck you and promise you an A. Now results are out I have an E .I called him and he said he gave me an E because I denied him the opportunity of ejaculating inside.Really? Thats so soon exposing the lecturer here.He must explain whether the E is for Ejaculation or what? i feel wasted,nkt”

Then she got responses like these;

Going through her post, we realised that she has gone through a similar issue before. In one of her exposés, she claimed a lecturer impregnated her and refused the responsibility.

She posted this.

Judith’s post

Is she that cheap? Let us have your views below.

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