This guy claims M.anifest bribed kids with lollipop to take photos but didn’t see this coming

M.anifest takes group picture with kids.

M.anifest shared a photo with kids on his Facebook page today but the unexpected happened. A Facebook user who is known as Ebene Ayala Benzema decided to troll him by making claims that he bribed the kids with lollipop before taking the photo with them.

According to him, the kids don’t know him, thus, bribing them with lollipop would be the only opportunity he can coerce them into the group photos but he didn’t see this coming. I am very sure. He was just passing through and M.anifest fans got him roasted to the last bit of his bundle.

Ebene wrote (unscripted): “The kiddies dnt know you ooooo.. U shedda go tell them say u be manifest wae u buy them Lollypop for them to praise u.. Dis ma Niqqa Dey tayaa paaa oo … Including ur Nowherecool album u get like 5Albums wae u still be Underground 😂😂😂”

And M.anifans were around to retaliate and there was a meltdown. So this is how the meltdown went down.

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