The ungratefulness of a spared mouse; The case of Atom


I am scandalized as I pen this sentiment. Last year, Atom was full of praise for Gasmilla for not charging him for riding on his Telemo beat for his “ye wo krom” hit song.

He went on to perform on bigger platforms and won himself some awards at the country’s prestigious awards scheme, VGMA, hence making him a known name in the industry. All the while, although Gasmilla could have taken legal actions against him, he decided to be quiet on the issue because at least his beat is making waves and have won awards even if he did not win himself.

Some months down the lane, Atom has come out to refute claims that he sampled his (Gasmilla) Telemo beat for his only hit song “ye wo krom”.

“… ye wo krom is a different song from telemo. The VGMA board analysed it and said it is different from Telemo that is why they gave me the nomination and then the award. The beat in the song is different from telemo,” Atom said in an interview on kasapa fm.

He vehemently denies riding on the telemo beat, the only thing that makes his song a likeable song? A true reflection of a mouse who has been spared by a cat and has grown into a bigger mouse and thinks it can bluff on the cat.

Atom’s action reflects the ungrateful Ghanaian who will fail to acknowledge the help of other people when they climb the ladder. Like it is always said “treat people right when you are climbing the ladder because they are the same people you will meet when you are getting down the ladder”.

Yes I wont contest that Atom has become a brand in the industry although he has just one hit song but when he continues like this, growing his brand will be a herculean task, because, no individual will want to be disregarded.

We are in a world where individuals respect the fact that they are given credit for their works and effort so the earlier he learns this, the better for his brand. You cannot lie into our face because you think “you have got”. Give credit where is due and that will not take any money or fame from you.

This feature was done by our contributor, Ayeh Offei-Akoto


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