Photos: 12 fashion ideas from celebrity stylist, Akosua Vee that will inspire your fashion sense

Akosua Vee


I know for a fact that finding the perfect outfit to wear sometimes becomes the biggest headache for most ladies whenever they decide to go out. By the time they settle on the perfect outfit, they would have tried about 10 outfits already.

So since its weekend, we know most of you are already planning to go out and those who have outfit choosing problems are probably cracking their head for outfit ideas but worry less.
These 12 outfit ideas from celebrity stylist and fashion blogger, Akosua Vee’s Instagram page is guaranteed to be of great help to you.

1. You can also choose sneakers and it will be equally perfect

A photo posted by Violet .N.A.Bannerman (@akosua_vee) on Aug 27, 2016 at 8:18am PDT
2. Nice combination. Love the colours

3. I just love this

4. For those who want to keep it simple and comfortable

5. Another way to go all simple

Yesterday was just another hectic and tedious day for me but through it all God glorified himself! This happens when u lean not on your own understanding instead invite God into all that u do. @theanitaerskine said something to me yesterday and I really appreciate her fr that! She said , (Akosuavee,How u can work under pressure really defines you) am so humbled Anita. I just can’t wait for your pictures either💋 @sellygalley @bibibright oh yes u ladies just made everything easyyyyyyyyyy. When the pictures start flowing ………..👯👯👯👯 @sima_brew 🙏🏽🙏🏽 In my jeans pants n side bag from @rozywigs closet just because the night was meant for my clients,I had to make sure everything was just perfect n intact 😉😋 @theanitaerskine @sellygalley @bibibright PICTURES WILL SOON FLOWWWWWWW MUA @shadesandbrushes 📷 @sethappiahphotography
A photo posted by Violet .N.A.Bannerman (@akosua_vee) on Jun 26, 2016 at 2:23am PDT

6. You can also choose the outfit with sneakers and you are good for any place

7. So many ways to rock this look. Am trying one next time

8. Beautiful with or without the blazer

9. Boyfriend shirt styled with perfection

10.Another way to rock an akara boyfriend shirt. Loving it

11.A great choice for the good girl look for church

12. Who says you can’t rock a shirt on a dress

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