How I got ‘baked’ for Rallying Behind The Goals

The United Nation projects that by 2030, the Global Goals will be achieved to make life easier for people and also ensure that people live peacefully in their various countries. For this reason, much effort is pumped into ensuring that this feat is achieved in its fullest terms.

As the country marked the birthday of Dr Kwame Nkrumah and International Peace Day, ‘Rally Behind The Goals’, a Non-Governmental Organization aimed at complementing the efforts of the UN in realising the Global Goals, organised a youth rally to discuss how the seventeen goals can be achieved.

Like most Ghanaian programmes, the event scheduled to start at ten started some minutes after twelve noon and as expected, blames were shifted and apologise trickled in each second to tell patrons of how sorry they were with the late start of the program.
After the wait was over, Hitz FM’S MzGee breathe some life into the place with her soothing voice, giving an indication of the great conversation that will ensue on the day and like I thought, she didn’t disappoint as the Mistress of the Ceremony.

However, with the life breathe into the place, fliers moved up and down as a source of fresh air because to our amazement and that of the organisers, the air conditioners at the RLG Hall at the Accra Sports Stadium were not functioning.

“We are sorry for the heat, we are working at getting the air conditions fixed so bear with us and all the heat problems will be over soon,” was the apology when organisers saw each individual present there trying their best to ‘get some air around them’.

The conversations began with a Chief from Brong Ahafo addressing the gathering. What struck me in his message was the need for peace. He acknowledged that the election season is here but underscored the need to forget about the use of hate speech but rather focus on issues as we stroll towards the polls on December 7.

His speech sunk deep down into the youth seated in the hall  that, the heat which had increased in its intensity as a result of power outage was not given a priority but paid a rapt attention because really, they were been ‘baked’ with information.

Fast forward to the debate on the Sustainable Development Goals, three young achievers climbed upstage with their chosen goals and digested them, telling us the need to focus on achieving them.
The lady among the two gentlemen got everybody thinking when she was addressing SDG 5 which talks about Gender equality. She asked women to invest in their personality and not just sit there and expect ” manner to fall from heaven for them”. This triggered a thought in the University Girls who have always mistaken just a proposal for an adoption.

Information was shared on the day and each member present pledged to support in the achievement of the Global Goals in its entirety. The youth showed their commitment to making Africa a better place.
Celebrities present included DKB, BDA Man, Miss World among others and they pledged to do all within their means create awareness and also ensure that the Global Goals are being achieved.

On his part, DKB pledged to fight hunger which is Goal two of the sustainable development goals. According to him, “a hungry man is an angry man” and that in order to ensure that Ghana is peaceful, there is the need to eradicate hunger hence informing his choice of goal.

I was ‘baked’ with information hitherto I was oblivious of and has changed my thinking and understanding of opportunities available to Ghana’s Youth.

This article was done by Ghanafuo contributor, Ayeh Offei-Akoto.

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