Ghanaian artistes should consider ‘credibility’ before accepting international awards nominations

African Entertainment Legends Awards

Multiple award-winning Ghanaian blogger Zionfelix Nana Yaw Adomako popularly known as Zionfelix has raised an issue on Facebook which is getting everyone talking including us (

Zionfelix today (Sept. 13) shared his view about how quick Ghanaian artistes or celebrities, in general, accept international awards without taking a proper look at the credibility of the awards scheme. His point was to clear the misconception that anything that comes from outside the country is credible.

Zion wrote: “I’ve been thinking about this for long before bra Samuel Atuobi Baah and Arnold Asamoah-Baidoo raised on GTV over the weekend.

I’ve always been saying that we shouldn’t be quick to accept ‘JUST’ any international award event in our country because we/our stars have been nominated. 

A lot of people start making noise as soon as they’re nominated for awards organised outside the country thinking it’s prestigious because it’s from outside the country.

A lot of these international awards just use us for their personal gains and on top of it, all treat our people bad when they attend the event. They nominate our big stars here thinking they (our stars) will give them (event) that FREE PUBLICITY they need here in Ghana.

These awards I’m talking about will never call to officially inform you about your nomination when the event is happening and plans for you to even be at the event. The only thing you see is your name on a blog that you’ve been nominated for an awards ceremony and that’s all.

I’ve taken a critical look at the Africa Entertainment Legends Awards and it looks like the Nigerians do not care about it but we Ghanaians are busily advertising for the public to vote for us.

I’m not saying that’s bad but I’m asking why the Nigerians don’t give a damn about the awards being organised in their own country.

It’s not just about this particular awards but many others which are past and I’m sure others are yet to come.

I beg don’t stop nominating me because I’ve said this. This is just to make you do the right thing and make your event credible.”

He got support from colleagues as well. Here’s what they all said.

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