Are you expecting? Here are 10 natural ways to determine the sex of your baby


Most mothers today like to know the sex of their baby before they are born (to at least make preparations easier) and we know it can be done with an ultrasound scan but did you know there are other natural ways to tell the gender of your baby?

Have you ever wondered how parents determined the gender of their baby in the olden days when there was no technology? Well, they used tests said to be called ‘The old midwife tales’, to tell if it is a boy or girl and according to research, 80% of the test proved correct.

So if your expecting and want to find out if you will be having a prince or princess even before a doctor can, here are ways you can try.

1. The garlic test

This is the test where you eat a clove of garlic and when you smell so much of garlic you can’t smell anything else, then its a boy but if you don’t smell at all after a few days, then its a girl

2. The beauty test.

Pregnancy is not very kind to a woman’s beauty but when you are carrying a girl, it makes it worse. So if you start having a lot of acne, weak hair and you look miserable, it’s a girl who is said to be stealing on your beauty but if your skin is smooth, your hair looks healthy and you glow, then its a boy.

3. The baking soda test

With this test, you will need to pee. The take 2 or 3 tablespoons of baking soda and add a few drops of your urine. Its is said that if the mixture fizzes up, then it’s a boy but if there is small to no reaction, it’s a girl.

4. The cold feet

It is said that if you have cold feet during pregnancy then its a boy but if your feet doesn’t feel colder or warmer than usual, then it’s a girl.

5.  The breast changes

A woman’s breast goes through a lot of changes during pregnancy but if it becomes full, firm and bigger, then it’s definitely a girl but if it doesn’t go through any dramatic change, then its a boy.

6. The daddy weight gain

It is also said that if the father-to-be gains some noticeable weight, then the woman is expecting a girl but if he doesn’t put on any weight, then its a boy.

And Danish Researchers are said to have conducted a study on 100 fathers-to-be and discovered that indeed, the test was accurate.

7. The Chinese gender calendar

There is a Chinese calendar which tells the sex of your child by calculating your age and the month you conceived and the chart has proven to be very accurate. Try Here

8. The morning sickness

According to the midwife tales, your morning sickness during the first trimester is worse when it’s a girl and a boy causes pain after that first trimester. And you can even be sick throughout the pregnancy if it’s a girl.

9. The ring/needle test

I wonder how that happens but this test is said to be a very popular one and you will have to tie a very important ring to a thread and have it held over your belly. If the swings back and forth, its a boy but if it swings in a circular motion, its a girl. Or tie a needle to a thread and hold it over the belly and it swings in clockwise, be prepared for a girl, or else, be prepared for a boy.

10.  The Cravings

So it is said that if you crave are for sugary stuff, then its a girl but if you crave for salty and sour foodies, then its a boy.

I know as bizarre as some these tests may sound, you will like to try them and I know some will give accurate results. But as I said earlier, not all these methods are not 100% accurate and every pregnancy is different. Some can have all the boy symptoms but will deliver a girl or vice versa so take note.


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