A blame game or fate? When famous celebrities end up as miserable paupers

Recently the Ghanaian entertainment industry has been stricken with reports of ill health and deaths of celebrities and other key players. Even away from home, there have been such similar stories, such as the case of famous boxer Mike Tyson, who went bankrupt and homeless.

Also, there was actor Wesley Snippes of “The Blade” fame in the news when he could not afford to feed himself because he has become a pauper.

Here in Ghana, we have had news of rapper O.J Blaq battling with  kidney failure, Kumawood actor Wayoosi bed stricken which even took the intervention of president Mahama to help him out, and quite recently — that of popular actor Jaga Pee who also is reported to have been sick to the extent that he even owed the two health facilities where he was admitted to the tune of Ghc 2,500.

But should this be the case ? As these names above have really enjoyed fame and success and contributed their generous quotas to the Ghanaian entertainment industry. Aside those mentioned here there are also many others who also rode on fame and stardom — as well as enjoyed lavish and high expensed lives yet are all back to nothing, not even a dime to boast of.

Not withholding the fact that our celebrities are humans, Africa societies turn to attach some sort of super human attributes to them and look up to such people — whereas it is totally abnormal to see  them go through such afflictions and miseries! Not after years of stardom. So the big question is “is it fate or there is a cause to blame?” So many people in one way or the other have taken stands based on what they ascertain as to which causes the once “powerful” people to fall lower.
Per the views as whether it is fate, it has been keenly argued that most celebrities and famous people made their way through dubious and at times mystic means. Therefore, fate sets in by “exposing” their fraudulent deeds by making them loose all they acquired at the end.
Others also hold the perception that they the celebrities have  themselves to blame whenever their lavish lives crashes down. It has been argued that popularity makes most of these stars begin to feel bossy, proud, arrogant, immoral, and self centred hence have themselves to blame when things backfires in the long run.
Other entertainment critics go hard on the none existence of appropriate institutions and structures to fend for needs of celebrities in times of hardship.
Anywhich ways, everyone has a geniune point to argue from but i think it is about time we sensitized those celebrities to start INVESTING.

Most of them fail to invest and rather blow up all the make, spending on cars, women, alcohol, hard drugs and gambling. How does one expect to reap in the future when he has not sown that seed today? It’s about time we all began to invest, regardless of one being a celebrity or not. Yet still before concluding, how much more are also yet to toe the lane of “grace to grass”?

This feature was written by Ghanafuo contributor, Louis Boamah

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