15 things a woman wants from her man but won’t ask

It is said that women are not made to be understood, they are made to be loved but not knowing how to love them right becomes a problem. There are things they want you to do, to prove your love to them but they won’t exactly tell you. However, ones you figure it out, it becomes an easy road for you.

But we know you will wonder how if they don’t tell you, so here is the long time investigation about ladies… 15 things a woman wants from her man but won’t ask,

1. The “Good morning beautiful” and “Good night baby” texts.

2. Taking pictures with her

3. Surprising her (visiting and bringing her her favorite things/food)

4. Take her to meet your family and friends.

5. Keeping something of yours (shirt or jackets) stuffed with your perfume

6. Really long hugs

7. Slow dances

8. Sincere compliments

9. Singing her favorite songs even if it’s out of tune

10. Giving her a cute teddy bear to hug when you are not around

11. Having real deep conversations

12. Silly and funny conversations too

13. Just cuddling with her more times

14. Comfort and patience when she’s in tears

15. Telling her how much you love her

More coming up from Ghanafuo contributor, Godfred Boahene

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