10 times Selly Galley slayed the hell out of her outfits

Selly Galley

Selly Galley’s slay game is absolutely all the way up lately. There is never a dull moment when she steps out at any event and we love every moment she took charge.

Her slay game brings life to the fashion world and gives serious fashion inspirations. We believe the fashion police will not make an arrest on her anytime soon or ever because her slay game gets better.

Here are 10 times she slayed the hell out of her outfits like it’s judgement day in the fashion world.

1. Red is always a perfect choice and she rocked it

2. The moments she stepped out slaying like a princess

3. I love every single detail on this dress and she made justice to it.

4. She slayed and slayed.

5. Simply made but she slayed it just right

6. Not a lot can slay a sheer dress like this.

7. Just when you think you’ve seen it all with her, she pulls another one out. Slayage.

8. The moments she came out simple but rocked.

9. A little skin does no harm

10. All yellow and young!


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