10 signs that prove your are in love

Falling in love is one of the most exciting things to happen to mankind but sometimes falling in love becomes confusing, One gets confused with all the mixed feelings and even wonder if those weird feelings mean you are in love or not.
So if you’ve found someone but you are having those mixed feeling about him/her, here are 10 signs to know you are really in love with him/her.

1. When you’re with him/her all day you don’t feel like leaving their side. 

2. When you think about your future with him/her, you’re in love 

3. When you’re not ashamed of expressing your feelings for him/her, you’re in love.

4. When that person comes first in your agenda my bro/sis you’re in love .

5. When you start to imagine that person as the father or mother of your unborn children, you’re in love.

6. When you can’t keep a secret from him/her , you are in love .

7. When you respect his/her decision, you’re in love.

8. If your spouse is your best friend and you find it difficult to lie to him/her, you’re in love.

9. When you don’t get tired of him or her, you’re in love.

10. When you’re scared of losing that person or letting him/her go, then you’re deeply in love.

So if you are having any of the feelings mentioned above, then obviously, you are in love.

This article was done by Ghanafuo contributor, Godfred Boahene.

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