10 photos that prove Becca has natural hips


Some Ghanaian celebrities have been accused of having fake hips or wearing hip pads to fake curves and songstress, Rebecca Acheampong, best known as Becca is on the list but these photos prove otherwise.

Becca’s shape has been questioned number of times and though she has severally debunked rumors of having fake hips, the issue never seem to die out. We however took time to check through some of her photos on IG and we realized naturally, the songstress is hipped up.

Check out 10 of the photos that shows her curves are real.

1. As you can see…
2. Hips don’t hide
3. When the fitting shows off your curves

4. Everything clean and clear

5. Checked

6. Curves cant be fake

7. Hips spotted

A photo posted by BECCA (@beccafrica) on Apr 21, 2015 at 10:40am PDT

8. Beautiful

9. All curved out

10. And she likes to show it off


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