Open letter to Airtel Ghana

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One of the loyal customers of  Airtel Ghana, Offei-Akoto Ayeh, has written an open letter to the telecommunication giants and we decided to share with you.

Open letter to Airtel
Dear Airtel Ghana,

I bring you greetings from the sunshine city, Bolgatanga. A city blessed with diverse resources of which sunshine is even the least of them. We are blessed beyond measure up here and a lot of things can attest to this fact.

Airtel Ghana

Some months back I wrote a letter to you on my Facebook timeline mentioning to you my intentions of breaking up our relationship because you see, I believe relationships are mutual understandings and that it is an I give, you give thing which helps build a stronger bond.

Regardless of the frustration i had gone through using your network, I however, continued to stay with the hope of things getting better as time passed.

Schooling in Accra gave me an experience of a lifetime and that was with you, Airtel Ghana. I had assignments done, emails sent in the shortest possible time and I could download whatever movie I so desired to download. The experience in Accra was something worth going home to.

However, I moved from Accra as a responsible Ghanaian to offer my service to the Nation as a National Service personnel in the Upper East region. A service I have enjoyed offering and hope that others will also see a reason to do same for the country. But an increase in the allowance should be considered because it’s not easy staying away from home without any extra source of income. My stay in upper East Region has been one of the best experiences I have ever had as a Ghanaian because I have got to learn more about life and the need not to judge a book by its cover.

Regardless of enjoying my stay, it was always heartbreaking to leave the office where access to the Internet was unlimited (wifi). For this reason, I will always stay over till late in the night before I walk to my abode just because I had to finish up with everything I needed to do online before I get home or risk being frustrated by the network in my room.

Surfing the Internet at home is just a worry because it takes about thirty minutes to just open a single page and even when it does, some sections of what I want to read do not even appear. The network is always on edge and you could bear with me that edge hardly makes browsing interesting.

When it comes to voice calls, the least said about it the better. Friends from Accra call me and my calls are picked by women I do not know. My dad had to be bored with me because he called me but a woman picked up. His thoughts were that I have started life chasing ladies but no, it was Airtel at its best.

My credit has on several occasions been deducted for services I never subscribed for and when I call customer care, all they could do was to lodge a complaint but getting me my credit never happens.
I have used Airtel all my life and their services in Accra is unrivalled but their services in the Upper East region leaves much to be desired of you. Please, while you crave for nationwide coverage, I beg also crave for excellence nationwide. Don’t just cover everywhere and provide us with services that will not add anything to us but take a lot from us.

Ghana is made up of ten regions and not only Accra. Your network is better in Accra so reciprocate that in other places so we can also flex some.

Your loyal customer
Offei-akoto Ayeh.

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