Montie 3 saga: The hypocrisy in our system has a strong fibre – Kwasi Ofori Atta writes

Montie 3 saga

Social media commentator Kwasi Osei-Danso Ofori Atta writes:

I have refused to flirt with the speech writers for those that decided out of their own love for some party colours, to subject the entire nation to abuse, exposing our vulnerabilities and piling enough tension on our atmospheric existence.

Obviously, it didn’t possess any iota of common sense in it. Well, people might disagree but I surmise that, just like papers are having a feel of people’s signatures just to attract the president’s attention to release the quarantined freedom to speak of these three, mine could possibly get a breathing space. I have tried to convince myself on the inspiration for the said petition and the more I try, the lesser it shrinks in its sensible state.

But just try to monitor the queue of signatories, the surprises do not seem to have an ending. The hypocrisy in our system has a strong fibre. It inspires the Book of Petition opened on behalf of Mugabe Maase and his friends. The very people that criticised Kennedy Agyapong, Akufo Addo, Osarfo Marfo etc for certain genocidal statements decided to embrace the idea of extending an olive branch to those suffering the same fate. Yes, educated illiterates have given up on their convictions just so they can survive. I couldn’t have been surprised anymore after I fed my eyes on the gender minister(the same woman that’s given us series of lectures on rape, abuse etc on women), Arthur K (the very person that has succeeded single-handedly in hanging the all-die-be-die albatross around Akufo Addo’s neck ever since) and Nyaho Tamakloe joining the campaign for the petition. At least, my hopes could have survived this trauma if these apostles of conscience had remained silent.

Where did integrity go finally? Sad huh?

Well, if threats can’t have any bearing on us in such a politically tensed atmosphere, then I am not too sure our safety is assured. How a journalist who’s worked for fifteen years in this industry as he claims could admit he went beyond bounds because his producer wasn’t available to control him meant a lot than just what was reported, I mean NCA, the Media Commission and GJA have bought silence with gold for far too long. I thought election years normally quicken their loins to monitor our airwaves?

I personally sent a caution to NCA last year in my article on Mugabe. His posture behind the console then was a threat to national security but of course, nobody listens to this country until somebody sacrifices his/her life for somebody’s negligence.

Today, I am sure another bulletin will surface on who signed the paper, if the threat by Mugabe and friends on the lives of the JSCs the day their senior colleagues were murdered years back didn’t surprise any of those signing these papers, then my surprise-free jacket just got bought. Seriously, I can’t be bothered anymore, feel at home and join me in this state, to have a peace of mind in Ghana, you surely will need this.

Let Uncle Ato’s Wonsom tickle your conscience today.
Kwasi Osei-Danso Ofori Atta
EoD Partners Inc. (Tete Kasa)


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