Lows of Chale Wote 2016 (Saturday event)

Lows of Chale Wote 2016 (Saturday event)

One of the attendees of the 6th edition of Chale Wote Street Arts festival, Francis A. Obirikorang, has taken to Facebook to share his observations of yesterday’s event which took place at Jame Town in Accra.

He listed 5 no-so-good things he observed at the arts festival, which we think, the organisers should take a good look at in order to avoid it in the next edition.

Read Franci’s observations below and if you are at the event ground reading this, take a good note and stay safe.

Lows of Chale Wote 2016 (Saturday event)

1. Not enough security. The hooligans around that area were at their usual best. Passing unsavoury comments at ladies.

2. One guy was openly smoking what looked and smelled like ganja. His eyes were bloodshot red like the opossum. Couldn’t take a photo of him. He gave death stares.

3. The locals who weren’t that happy could fire rapid Ga acidic insults at you if you pointed the camera their way. I didn’t know it was illegal to shoot the “Akwele Suma” procession. Apparently, the gods don’t like to see images of their bare-chested vixens taken. It almost became a physical activity when i unknowingly took a photo of the “possessed” procession. If you happen to be there today and you see them, don’t take any photo directly. Not a pleasant experience.

4. Roadblocks & Traffic. Be prepared to park your car around Tema station area and walk to the events ground.

5. Petty thieves & pickpockets. They are there in their numbers because of the human traffic.

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