Jokers and Politicians




I crave your indulgence to humbly remind you that ACTORS make better politicians and leaders than career POLITHIVIANS, well sorry for my typo, POLITICIANS.

I can never and will never attempt to call myself learned person compared to you and your kind but I am a Ghanaian and have been alive for the last 23 years if Georgina Daitey and Philip Okudzeto are right about my date of birth. Therefore I am sure I have seen enough of the political terrain for at least well over the past years.

My observations, if you will permit me to say, that the whole Ghanaian Politics is one big joke in itself and so I do not see any news or anything of wrong if another “JOKER” joins, according to you.
Again from my personal estimation, the Ghanaian political landscape has been full of clowns for the past years that I have been privileged to observe. Sometimes I am tempted to think that our breeds of politicians have been struggling very hard to out clown each other with the slapstick performance we see every day. These performances sometimes become grandeur even in the jokers house, well sorry, this is no typo but forgive my lack of education, especially as I am not a product of any of “the said schools u jokers have built “, the right words are Parliament House.

I have come to the acceptance that in Ghana, “POLITICS AND COMMON SENSE CANNOT BE TEETH OF THE SAME COW.”

Sometimes I wonder if the so called politivians and leaders have any sense of realism or they take this whole country as a kiddy camp that needs clowns to entertain us rather than leaders to solve problems for us. If this is the reality on the ground, why worry if “JOKERS” join the fray?
If I were to be taken serious and matter in the least I would have made a statement through the easiest way, PRESS RELEASE.

The only statement I would have made in this press release is this:
And I am sure as learned in letters and astute as you are in Politics I am sure you will make sense out of my jokes here.

I have observed politics in other countries and have read and observed how parties operate elsewhere and when I compare the level of joke or ridicule if you like, from our political parties here I can confidently say that the theatres do better. The Ebo Whyte’s and his like are doing better with us than the career politicians. No wonder “Kwame Dzokoto” is likely to join the train.
When the whole government pays thousands of jokers to go to watch football and entertain footballers and official of our contingent, I am tempted to believe that the entertainer is, after all, useful and smart.

The body politic/governments in spite of busing people to rally grounds still depend on the “jokers” to get the real crowd and effectively communicate to them and you still think they are “jokers”?
Even just a few days ago yours truly coefficient has realised that the “jokers” are the ones that can save the games you dole so much money to which to me is another form of entertainment or if you like another “jokers” thing.

I will want to end here and just refresh your memory since as learned as you are you are aware that, the world over, those you refer to as “jokers” have been remarkable politicians and better political office holders and leaders.

CONGRATULATIONS to all the “JOKERS” who have won their primaries and are ready to entertain us and challenge us to real development. It is about time we took over from the CLOWNS.
My regards to you and hope you realise we are moving on from clowning.
It’s Me…
Nana Yaw Berima.

This article was written by contributor, Nana Yaw Berima


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