Be ready to meet these types of people at 2016 Chalewote


The annual Chalewote arts festival starts today and as usual, hundreds or even thousands of Ghanaians and foreigners will storm James Town, Accra to have a look at arts.

But don’t forget that you will come across some people at the event who may not be usual to you if you will attend. brings you 10 of these types of people you will find at this year’s edition of Chalewote arts festival.

1. Meet the fashionistas who make fashion out of anything. I mean anything!

2. Those who love African culture than anything.

3. That hairstyle you have never seen before!

 4. The selfie freaks.

 5. Those who wear any type of pants in the name of fashion.

6. Don’t worry about going alone. Your gangs will meet you there.

7. Photo-bombers will be around to destroy your moments!

8. Be ready to meet anything ‘human and arts’.

9. The graffiti experts will be in charge of the walls.

 10. And the designers who love ‘Fufu’ more than ‘war’. Ater all, we are in election year so let’s preach peace with arts.


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