10 childhood memories every Ghanaian would relate with


10 childhood memories every Ghanaian would relate with

Growing up in a Ghanaian society entails a lot especially the claiming street titles and naughty fun things we did at our tender age which the dadabees and mamabees wouldn’t relate with. 

These are ten of a lot which every Tom, Dick and Harry would relate with.

1. Cars made out of can containers.

The Range Rover of our time. If you never made one of these, you have definitely missed     the scouting adventures and manufacturing of cars amidst competition and fun.

2. Saving money to buy Poki and Alewa  

3. Running away from masquerades

The ones who claim to be ‘the dons’ even have once run to hide under the bed when masquerades come during Christmas. Funny thing is they follow them and some get lost.

4. Bathing in the rain

Even though it’s time to bath so far as the clouds have found, we would wait for the rain so we jump around and slide on the smooth plaster floors.

5. The Acrobatics

The hard body children look onto the flexible acrobatics friends who turn out to be the street dancers now.

6. The Ice-cream Vendor

Our hero of the day after a long day of studies. With shito wrapped in spring rolls and his knife, the squad can share the yoghurt among themselves without wahala.

7. The Bottle corks football matches

This is when future players and coaches started strategic football skills began.

8. The Vaccinations

One thing we didn’t like about being in school was vaccination especially the ones that come with injections.

9. Sucking fingers

The timid and shy ones would relate more.

10. The Squad

Childhood friendship is squad goals because you roll with friends who were your coat size. The rich kids roll together then the ghetto squad too has their fun.

This article was written by Ghanafuo.com contributor, Gloria Omari.


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