MzVee didn’t do the things that attract maximum support for BET Awards – Kwasi Enoch writes


Just after the 2016 BET Awards, Lynx Entertainment signee, MzVee, came out t say Ghanaians didn’t give her the maximum support hence, her loss. 

But social media commentator and blogger, Kwasi Enoch, thinks otherwise. According to him, MzVee didn’t do the things that attract maximum support which led to her loss.

Kwasi wrote:

“So Mzvee is saying she did not get the maximum support she needed in the just ended BET Awards 2016.

1. My only question is, what did she herself do to get people support her and vote for her?
When you need support, you do things to convince people to support you, music awards are just like elections, when you need votes, contact people and let them promote you.

You can’t just sit down and expect only your fans to win you votes, that’s why we have floating voters all over every country during elections, it’s up to you to convince them as to why they should vote for you.

We have bloggers, radio stations, TV stations, newspapers, magazines and even information centers in most communities so why won’t you just pay a little amount for them to promote you.

After all, when you win the award, you are taking it all alone, you are not taking it in the name of those who voted for you to win.

No matter how large your fan base is, you still need to build upon it. I believe if she had done any of the above, she could have won.

You shouldn’t rely on what you have made, you need to invest to earn more. Well all the same I wish her better luck next time.

Do you agree with him? Share your views with us.


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