Fake or Real? Mzbel’s ‘firm’ boobs spark arguments

Kelly Knii Lartey Mensa shared on his Facebook page, a beautiful picture of actress Nana Ama Mcbrown and singer, Mzbel, posed together, and the photo generated some questions.

From the above picture, it can be clearly seen that the “16 Years” singer showed some cleavage, with her boobs looking very firm. Something which caught attention and got people asking whether the breasts are fake or real, as they believed it was too firm for a mother of two.

Whiles some believed it was very much fake, others had explanations to it. Read some of the comments below and share your views with us.

1. Boys seemed to like what they were seeing. Lol

2. Well taped? I want to know how too please

3. Some had to provide evidence to support their claim

5. The last comment though. Lmao

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