Peter Mac Manu slammed over election results declaration comment

Peter Mac Manu

The 2016 campaign manager of the New Patriotic Party, Peter Mac Manu, is under criticisms on social media over an alleged comments he run on the upcoming November polls.

Reports by some news outlets suggest that he said his party will declare the results of the November polls even if the electoral commission or the police service can prevent the party from declaring the results.

“Whether you are electoral commission, whether you are a police or security officer, whether you are security person, you cannot prevent the NPP from declaring the results,” Mr Manu disclosed.

And this angered some Ghanaians on social media especially Facebook and Twitter users.

Though some backed his claim as usual, the majority bashed him for such provocative comments.

Read their reactions below;

He came back this afternoon (June 7) to clear the air saying he didn’t mean what was reported but still got blasted.


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