Fraud business in Ghana booming no more – a frustrated fraudster reveals


Ghanaian blogger, Martin GraceMade Faith, took to Facebook this morning (June 23) to share a chat he had with one frustrated fraud boy or popularly known in Ghana as ‘Sakawa’ boy and the outcome sends a strong signal to anyone who is involved in the act.

The outcome of the chat sends a strong signal to anyone involved that there’s no space in the scammers’ world.

Martin (unscripted) “I was talking to a fraudster yesturday (plz am not one of them was just chatting with him) and its seems they are more frustrated than they appear to be. He told me this game is not easy but he will not give up cus there is nothing else to do (at least he completed shs and went to do network engineering in ipmc but many of these guys dropped out in jhs and shs).

He told me the disappointment is so much many end up mad – he pointed a bunch of young guys smoking weed and said martin look at them most of them didnt know how to smoke (i grew up with most of them so i know) but when they started fruading they found out its not easy , most of them get so frustrated they end up smoking weed to release stress.

“Fedex people dey worry us , when we shop to our clients to send to ghana (thanks to them now you cant shop from ebay , amazon and most of the sites directly to ghana and i suppose nigeria) them go seize wanya goods some of us get arrested(he spent 1 month 4 days in prison) . Our clients no dey send us money again my friends come to me crying they dont know whats going on now. When we started we dey use wanya mind but now things hard so chaw boys dey use medicine.”

My worry is many will die and perish in this madness they call “game” , we should pray for them cus there is no future in this .Its a tactics the devil use , he promise them money and lure them. They become addicted to this unseen riches and when they get frustrated he tells them to smoke weed to release stress (this will soon develop to lung cancer and other diseases) .When they are not getting money any more he tells them to go for medicine(juju). Very soon he will introduce them to more filthy ways of making money – join an occult and do blood money . Its a flow fade.

Its shocking how ghanaians have made fraud look attractive , the media outlets should be busy warning the youth about it . Fraud is still a CRIME that’s why they get arrested daily.”

What do you make of this?


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