Fan claims Stonebwoy buys auto-likes from China..See what happened next


A music fans on Facebook has alleged that, Afro-Dancehall star, Stonebwoy has been buying auto-likes from China.

The fan whose name is Yvone Ronney made this comment on one of Stonebwoy’s recent posts.

She first asked why Stonebwoy blocked the number plate of a car he took photo with. “Why did you cover the number plate?” she questioned.

Then she leveled auto-likes allegations against the “People Dey” hitmaker. ” Lol.. Auto Likes artist. I just checked ur likes and its only china people and few Ghanaians. Y wont u be real for once? Huh or the likes dey pay ur Bill?” she said.

But the was more drama to unfold. She got whipped for making such blank statement. Read how it went down below.

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