What this guy said about Guru’s loss at 2016 VGMAs will inspire every upcoming musician

Ghanaian rapper Guru

Ur Nene or Nenebi is a Ghanaian Poet and Musician who really understands showbiz and even American showbiz. After the just ended Vodafone Ghana Music Awards which took place at the Accra International Conference Centre, social media went after rapper Guru for being in the kitchen cooking jollof instead of going for awards.
Many have expressed their views on why after many hits, Guru lacks plaques but Nenebi has something to tell the world and that, we consider, an inspiration that will boost every upcoming musician’s morale to do more.

While the 2016 VGMAs was going on, Guru was busy cooking jollof rice with Nana Ama McBrown

He started from why after all the hits and trends, Canadian crooner Drake has only one Grammys so far to why Hip-hop legends like Biggie and 2Pac have no single Grammys.
According to him, Awards can’t determine your versatility or how good you are but you can actually do more aside just awards.
He wrote (unscripted);
“Guru’s situation is normal. There are great artists who make all the hits but never get awards because people who vote for awards tend to forget who hold them down the most.
For example, Americans dance to Future and Drake more than any artist but the Grammys never consider them for awards. Drake has won just one Grammy – just one. A guy who has more charting hits than every rapper ever. 
Drake was so frustrated by the fact that he doesn’t get awards that he made a song called Trophies to say he doesn’t want awards. He also organised his own Grammys on Instagram last 2 years and talked about it on his last album, “I don’t care how the Grammys go, I just gave out Grammys on my Instagram.” On his new album, there is a song called Grammy featuring Future. Future kept repeating, “You would think I won a Grammy” in the chorus. 
It will interest you to know Nas has never won a Grammy, neither has Pac nor Biggie. Anytime Nas comes close, there is an Eminem or Kanye West, whose presence on stage will make more news and bring in more money to the organisers. Puff Daddy won a Grammy over Biggie and 2Pac in a year where there both had their biggest hits. I have seen Kanye win an award and get on stage and say, “I thought Lil Wayne was going to win this one” because he knew Weezy had bigger hits than him that year. That was the year Lollipop was making hits. That was when the industry loved Kanye, actually Kanye gets away with a lot of things because the industry in America loves him or like he said himself, “If I look at all the things I have survived and still manage to stay relevant, it is obvious God wants me here.” 
All industries on earth play favorite and it is normal. It is normal because awards are not giving to the best guy, there are given to the best-looking guy – I mean the guy who will be the best look for the scheme. 
When EL was nominated, my boy AK asked me how he got that nomination (like a board member) and I said, “the industry loves EL. Nobody in the industry has a problem with him. He is a humble guy. He has a good relationship with the media and he has good songs. I won’t be surprised if he wins. His songs are great but he won’t win because of them but because the industry loves him. He is the Kendrick Lamar of Ghana.”
I love EL’s Elom album btw. 
Guru might never win an award but he is our guy. Every year, he gives catchphrases for us to use in our speeches and songs we can all sing along to. He is loved accross Ghana (outside Accra) than every other artist. From the middle belt to the north, the only one bigger than Guru is Sark. Bisa Kdei is coming strong. His songs are loved accross Ghana but he is yet be to loved like Guru. 
The love for Guru is deep and like Drake said, “there is no award for that.”

Let’s have your views on his views below.


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