What this fan said to Yvonne Nelson for posting a photo of Majid Michel’s wife’s baby bump will make you think twice

Yvonne Nelson shared on her Facebook page the above photo of herself, Majid Michael and his wife Virna, who is surprisingly pregnant but a fan was unhappy with Yvonne for posting the photo.

Majid and his wife are known for keeping their business private, out of the public — something which made this fan feel the need to become Majid and Virna’s spokesperson and attack Yvonne Nelson on her page.
The fan questioned Yvonne if she asked for Virna’s concern before showing a photo of her pregnancy to the world.

The fan wrote; “Yvonne paaa, I hope you informed Virna you were putting her full pregnant picture here before you did. The secret to Majid and Virna’s peace is they are happy with their privacy (something you know little of since you put your own business out there)

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