Must Watch: This 2-year-old kid chooses Guinness over water and the video explodes

The 2-year-old kid asking for Guinness instead of water

A party without booze is just like going to school forgetting your pen or going to the farm without a cutlass. What this kid who is about 2 years of age did at a party has shocked social media.

The video which has rotated on social media for some time now captures a young boy who was given water to drink at a party and guess what, he started crying because he proffered Guinness — an alcoholic drink recommended for 18 years and above.
He drinks the Guinness just like a matured person and this act left everyone wondering why parents and the people around could allow him to drink alcohol and even make fun of it.
Below is the video we also shared on social media and we want you to have a look. Tell us about what you also think.

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